NASLAX GEOSERVICES offers a wide range of geological services as applied to commercial and residential development, as well as Timber Harvest Plans, landslide mapping and mitigation, erosion evaluation and erosion control plans, site remediation design, and onsite wastewater treatment system design and permitting. Our staff of licensed professionals brings a level of experience required for successful completion of our clients’ projects. NASLAX brings decades of experience related to site planning, site development, and site remediation. 

 PWA’s experience in geological and geosciences includes:

  • Fluvial Geomorphology
  • Engineering Geology Investigations and Reports
  • Erosion and Sedimentation
  • Erosion Control Planning, Preparation, Implementation, and Monitoring
  • Fault Hazard Analysis and Evaluation
  • Geologic and Geomorphic Mapping
  • Geologic Hazard Evaluations
  • Geologic Studies and Analysis
  • Landslide Analysis and Inventory
  • Percolation Testing and Leachfield Design
  • Quarry Site Development and Annual Reporting
  • Soils Investigations and Reports (R-1, R-2)
  • Well Site Development
  • Water Quantity and Quality Testing
  • Coastal Dune Studies